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Indian Knowledge System for Universal Wellbeing and Better World Tomorrow..!

Service to Human is Service to God !

  • An Enthusiastic, Curious and Adventurous Student of Life...

  • A Humble Worshiper who loves Indian Culture, Hindu Dharma and the Whole Universe...

  • An Activist working for the common good through creative works of imagination…


 Expert in Indian Knowledge System ( IKS ), Academician, Economist, Management and Financial Consultant, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Researcher, Curriculum - Content Creator, Social Worker, Trekker - Mountaineer, Digital Media Producer, Consultant, Cow Activist, Creative Worker... !

Kardaliban A divine Experience (English)


  • Bhishma Foundation for Indian Knowledge System

  • World Council of Temples

  • Vishwa Marathi Parishad

  • Kirtan Vishwa Youtube Channel


  • Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System

  • Bhishma School of Sanskar

  • Bhishma Group

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02 Ramkrishna Paramhansa
03 Sri Mata Sarada Devi
04 Dr Ambedkar
05 Vinayak Savarkar
06 Dr Keshav Hedagevar
077 Golavalkar Guruji
07 Kaka Maharaj Dhekane
08 Dr. Shrikrishna deshmukh
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